Folk Art Birdhouse

Wanting to use up wood stored in the garage, I decided to build a birdhouse.  However, the size just grew and grew because I had 2×2 redwood (recycled off a deck rail) and leftover siding.

No one could guess what this was going to be. A metal box inside a wooden box.

DSCN4093The front

Materials used include parts off an antique rocking chair and vanity mirror frame, wooden knobs for a drawer, vintage door knob, and apple branches.



The Back



DSCN4202The overall size, about 2′ x 3′ made it heavy so I decided not to build the roof on it until it was attached.  I bought a 6×6 post to install it on.

August 19, 2018 the birdhouse was installed by our friend and handyman, John.


Ready for the birds!