Circular Driveway

In the April of 2009, non-native Black Locust trees were removed from a drainage ditch paralleling the main driveway entrance.  The trees were strategically cut down by Steven Leibenberg and then cut into logs for future use (cordwood building and garden borders).


driveway with trees in ditch


After the trees were removed, the dark and pot-holed driveway was improved by the addition of a circular driveway.  In August, 2009, Jim Walters Tractor graded the soil, added drainage pipes, and directed water flow into Love Creek.



Shaping and grading the soil to make a circular driveway for improved traffic flow and additional drainge.


A trench was dug in to add black plastic pipe underneath the driveway for water to flow from the redwood grove into a natural drainage swale that already existed.


In addition, another drainge pipe was added at the driveway entrance so that water flowing down the main neighborhood road would also flow into Love Creek.

digging out swale

Leveling and clearing out natural drainage swale.




Compacted driveway with drainage tubes hidden underneath and a natural drainage swale along the driveway entrance.