Watershed Projects

Since March, 2004 when we took on the task of transforming this neglected piece of property into a beautiful landscape, we have learned much about the need for a healthy and sustainable environment.

The property is shaped like a bowl, with the north and west ends directed towards the base of Ben Lomond Mountain, and the east and south cut off at Love Creek.


The hillside soil erosion became evident after clearing scotchbroom from the hillside and uncovering heritage apple trees growing flat.  Another sign was seeing the mud that encased the wood borders of the original chicken coop.  Additionally, the water table in the garden was extremely low, and digging holes was like wading in a small pool.

Being surrounded by an oak woodland at the base of a mountain ridge causes runoff and erosion.  The mountain is actually a long ridge whose highest point has an elevation of 2660 ft.  Ben Lomond has an average annual rainfall of 49.00 inches.

In creating our Best Management Practices, we took into consideration, “Practical application of reasonable solutions to manure and mud management, geared towards a permaculture design system for energy efficiency.”

BMP #2: To sustain the ecological watershed at the base of Ben Lomond Mountain by managing drainage and erosion to ensure health of the property and local natural resources. To read more, visit Ecology Management.

BMP #3: To reduce the impact on Love Creek by keeping horse and goat nitrates and organic mud/soil out of the creek. To read more, visit Water Management.

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