Water Management

Best Management Practices for Love Creek Farm

Protect Water Quality

To reduce the impact on local water resources by keeping nitrates out of Love Creek.

Our Efforts Include:

  • Composting manure on-site in the Manure Bunker;
  • Maintaining Drainage Swale around the corral;
  • Changing fence line setbacks and gate locations around Drainage Swale and Manure Bunker;
  • Planting shrubs, groundcover, and grasses to slow water run-off;
  • Adding roof and gutters to chicken coop to divert rain water into Love Creek.


  • Rebuild corral shelter roofs to divert runoff into a water tank to self-water animals.
  • Build cement-block, retaining wall along edge of chicken and turkey coop to prevent erosion; drain water into Love Creek without mud or nitrates by using filter fabric and gravel.