Various Varieties


Every year we are adding color and fun to the farm by planting flowers and bulbs.  Typically, I find plants at the Foothill College Horticulture Department that have been donated, and I bring home whatever fits in the car.  Nothing planned, they just are available and ready for a new home, such as hydrangeas, flowering maple, hellebores, milkweed, and peonies…

I also focus on flowers for a specific area or garden plot each year.  It takes time, but we are slowly and surely making progress because there is so much space to fill in.


Plants from the Foothill College Horticulture Dept.


Underneath a beautiful weeping Chinese Cherry we bought at Filoli Gardens, we planted a hydrangea and hellbores.   Then, in winter 2019, we added crocus and daffodil bulbs.



In May 2019, I really focused on planting perennials for the bees rather than filling the garden beds with vegetables.  I really love the added color.  Some flowers, such as hollyhocks, just grow wild.

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