Sun Deck


In July, 2006, 2×6 deck lumber was purchased off craigslist from a home in Santa Rosa.

deckwood 706


The deck turned out great with a slightly curved hand-rail.  It connects the two building together.


Creative way to hide the sprinkler plumbing components under a box lid:

June 08

April 2020

When the deck was built using the recycled wood, my carpenter said that it would only last 5 years.  In 2020, we’ve decided to make some improvements and changes.

We want to put a hot tub on the deck and also remove the water spigot and sprinkler box from the deck.  We are not using the sprinklers, and the hose should be relocated to the garden.  In April 2020, I started to remove the old deck boards to expose the framing.  We will run the water line under the deck and to the garden for convenient watering.  Then, the framing will be strengthened to eventually add a hot tub.

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