Videos: Moving Black Locust Trees

In January 2017, three tall Black Locust Trees leaned over Love Creek and eventually fell in the winter storms.  We asked Steve Liebenberg and Lisa Cox to pull them out of the creek.  Steve devised a wench system and successfully got them out in long pieces.

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Next, we asked Rich Wilhelmsson and Forest Dale (plus their crew) to move and cut the trees into usable pieces for planting borders.  Black Locust is non-native, and in our area, prefers to grow along creeks.  The tannic acid in the wood prevents bug infestations and rot.  The wood lasts, and it’s our favorite tree to turn into fences, garden beds, etc.

Here are a series of fun videos of Rich and Rick in Action:

Moving Black Locust 1

Moving Black Locust Logs 2

Moving Black Locust Logs 3

Moving Black Locust Logs 4

Moving Black Locust Logs 5

Hauling Black Locust Logs 6

Hauling Black Locust Logs 7