Horse Shed

By February 2008, the outdoor shed was cleaned out and ready to be transformed as a safe home for horses and goats.

February 2008

February 2008


Chicken wire was added to keep out rats before layering with plywood.  Also, bricks and cement pieces were incorporated into the dirt for an even surface before stall mats were laid down.




Getting ready to adopt two goats and a pony from the Santa Cruz SPCA.


In the back of the horse stall, old vintage windows were included in the design, and a door was added to lock up an animal when necessary.


Theodora and Zipper in their new home at Love Creek Farm.


Shasta relaxing under the Apple tree.


March 2014

Monday, May 29, 2017 recycled redwood siding off a vintage garage was given to us and we’ll use it on the horse stall.  The metal panels on the sides of the stall will be replaced for a rustic look.


Vintage garage up Love Creek Road, siding replaced.


Hauling the siding home.

November 2017: Adding the redwood siding to the right side and front.

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Also in November, the roof was sloped correctly with added support to eliminate leaks: