Love Creek Farm is nestled within the redwoods of San Lorenzo Valley, at the base of Ben Lomond Mountain. The property originated as a turn-of-the-century logging office on Love Creek when giant redwoods covered the mountains, and Ben Lomond was known as Pacific Mills. After logging, the area transitioned to agriculture and became world renowned in the 1870s for orchards, especially apples and pears. In its current stage, second-growth redwoods surround the farm and have since formed beautiful cathedrals among prolific old apple trees.

The goal of Love Creek Farm is to become a working permaculture by achieving a healthy balance within the environment. We feel responsible for decisions that may permanently affect this unique ecological watershed. By working with professionals, such as the Resource Conservation District, Ecology Action, foresters, and soil specialists, we intend to continue the process of becoming fully integrated into the natural world around us by exploring permaculture further.

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Love Creek Farm is a Site Demonstration location. The land is viewed as an applied classroom where visitors can share in learning activities that promote education, bring awareness, and explore experimentation. Experiences and results are photographed and shared through this blog.

Please view the 2012 Livestock and Land Promotion Video featuring Love Creek Farm.