Pedestal Sink – Bird Bath Fountain

July 2020

This beauty is the biggest of the five salvaged sinks from the Stanford Inn.



I knew I wanted to turn this sink into a fountain and place it adjacent to our bird feeder so I took my chances and ordered a pump on with some clear tubing.   I watched a couple of videos on Youtube before making my first water fountain.  I also choose 2 tones of green and paprika to match the house. I didn’t like the orange swipe I did on the front basin so I covered it with painted flowers.

I had two different size tubs as options for the base, and I was not sure how much water would splash out of the sink basin.


I tried to be creative to find a metal grid to place over the tub. From a watching a video, it was suggested using something like a man-hole cover, definitely something strong.  I had a feeling that I needed to go to the metal recycling and do a quick dumpster dive.  Fortunately, I met a woman unloading her truck and noticed she had a dog gate so I asked if I could have it, she happily agreed.  Because it only fit over the size of this smaller tub, this was why I used the smaller of the two tubs (which worked out fine).


I laid down screen material to keep out leafs and dirt, and wired that on with floral wire. Then, I applied plumber’s putter before putting on the sink basin.



Now, it was ready for adding river rocks and decorative elements around the base.  The rocks hid the screen and also supported the base from falling over if something knocked it.

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I forgot that the pump had a colorful LED light so it was fun walking out the door at night and seeing the colors in the dark. Very joyful to have in the yard.


Now, we get to have fun landscaping the space with beautiful flowers!