Pallet Goat Barn

After reading an article called “The Pallet Shed” it was motivational to try this technique  and recycle used pallets.  A wooden frame became the perfect place for building a Goat Barn from free pallets picked up outside ACE hardware.  This structure had been moved from its original location by the house where it was used as a hay barn as one previous resident of this property owned a local feed store in town.

March 10 2008goatbarn

March 2008

The floor was added first from recycled 2×6 deck lumber, and then the sides were built from the pallets and miscellaneous wood pieces.


Creating a feeding trough area:


June 2008

June 2008

A small dog house was incorporated into the structure as a sleeping area.


Front Entrance

Front Entrance

A vintage window was added, and the glass removed for safety. The box lid opens up so that eventually hay can be placed into the feeding trough from a building that will sit between the Goat Barn and the Horse Shed.


The structure has to be well built to hold the weight of a male wether who stands on the top to eat his grain:


Bantha and Yoda


Inside view of wall

Inside view of wall

A deck was added for the goats to sunbathe and to keep their feet dry in the rain, and it also keeps the horses from poking in their noses to try to eat the food.

Outside view of wall

Outside view of wall

Next project is to improve the roof and also build a tack room adjacent to the Goat Barn and Horse Shed.


Bantha peeking his head out. The goats are locked up whenever Shasta has his farrier appointment each month.


In December, 2015 the left side of the Goat Barn was completed.  Recycled fence boards were used as siding to layer over the wood and pallets.  The fence boards were originally purchased used in August 2013. They have been sitting around for years until a use was found for them.  They’ll also be used on the Horse Shed to replace the corrugated metal.