Farm & Garden

The Farm and Garden are an integrated system where the farm animals and bees play a vital role in managing an organic garden.  The garden is hand-worked and comprised of composted manure.  We want to plan, plant, and maintain a native habitat garden and area to prevent erosion, slow run-off, increase infiltration into the ground, and support wildlife.

Please visit our Goals and Permaculture ethics to learn more:

The garden and surrounding landscape have been the best places to experiment with permaculture designs and experience the changes over the years. Since 2004, the farm has undergone improvements one small step at a time.

Landscape management, conservative maintenance of woodland forest, reusing and reducing natural waste (manure, compost, wood chips, tree cuttings), appropriate budget practices, and using “green” elements, recycling, and promoting clean water have been apart of our permaculture design and/or a result of it.

Permaculture design principles highlight many different landscape solutions for creating a healthy environment, including zone planting and maintaining a wildlife corridor. Placing elements together that will mutually benefit each other and choosing locations that will save time and energy are permaculture design practices. Additionally, we’ve turned problems into solutions by working with nature rather than against it and continue to incorporate food plants into the garden to ensure a healthy and balanced ecosystem. A goal is to leave the natural environment alone and mettle as little as possible.