Best Management Practices

“Practical application of reasonable solutions to manure and mud management, geared towards a permaculture design system for energy efficiency.”

Best Management Practices (BMPs) are management strategies and tools that can help decrease potential negative effects livestock has on water and land.  At Love Creek Farm, a goal is to reduce any negative impacts to Love Creek that flows into the San Lorenzo River and directly into the Pacific Ocean at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

BMP #1: To provide a framework for discussions involving building construction, drainage, fencing, traffic flow, location, surrounding area, and landscape by implementing permaculture design principles to address concerns and issues. To read more, visit Building & Landscape Design Management.

BMP #2: To sustain the ecological watershed at the base of Ben Lomond Mountain by managing drainage and erosion to ensure health of the property and local natural resources. To read more, visit Ecology Management.

BMP #3: To reduce the impact on Love Creek by keeping horse and goat nitrates and organic mud/soil out of the creek. To read more, visit Water Management.