Pedestal Sinks – Garden Art

July 2020


I painted one of the sinks orange.  I chose a brighter orange for the pedestal and then a paprika color for the sink.


I put it in place in the garden, exactly where I was going to plant a perennial.  I thought a pretty pop of purple against the orange would be the perfect color combination.



The next sink spot was a completely random decision to put it on our deck, under a stairway, next to my vintage stove (i.e. plant holder).  I just happened to glance that direction, saw the gap, and thought: “sink is going there.”  I have 5 so I have to space them out so it’s not an obvious sink, overload.  I also thought I could paint it yellow, green, and black to match the stove, plus some orange to match our patio cushions and umbrella.


The deck is full of succulents, so I bought some today at the Felton Farmers Market to plant in this sink.  It turned out great!



The last sink to paint was a pending decision as to where to put it.  Once I eyed the location to hide it amongst a pink hydrangea, I went forward within paining it pink and gold. I liked the gold touch to mellow out the bright color, like I did with the Bee Cork Sink.  This sink is perfectly located near the front entrance, but out of eye sight unless you look closely.