Brick Patio

Four years after moving in, a nice spot near the house become the perfect location to put a shade canopy and random outdoor furniture and rugs.  Rugs covering dirt just didn’t cut it as a relaxing space because of weeds, mud, and gopher holes.

The Brick Patio project started in the summer of 2008 after taking the Landscape Construction: Applied Materials class at Foothill College. Also, a person in the class had some free bricks and sand leftover from a landscaping job.

April 2008


June 2008 digging started:

DSCN1862 DSCN1863

The goal was to also raise the height of this area from rain-runoff so the soil had to be dug out and replaced with gravel and sand.  Gopher wire and black plastic were laid down after the dirt was removed:


Next, trailer loads of gravel and sand were compacted before the bricks could go on top. The most important aspect of any patio is a solid and well-built foundation using yards of sand and base rock for support and drainage.

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July 31, 2008, the center pattern of 10×10 bricks was finished working out to the walkways. Unfortunately, store-bought cement brick had to be used until more of the clay brick could be found.


Designing garden plots and a drainage swale at the same time as shaping the patio:



A lucky find, more clay bricks were for sale on craigslist so they were able to be used for the patio walkways.


Free recycled redwood beams were added to each side of the square to keep the bricks in place and incorporate the wood element.

August 2008

August 2008

8:11:08 8:12:08

May 2009

May 2009

The walkway was made using a variety of materials: bricks, granite river rocks, redwood beams, and metal barrel rings for stepping stones. The stepping stones were made from broken ceramics, and things found on the property including pieces of metal, forks, spoons, door knob, etc.

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December 2008

December 2008


September 2013 creating a River Rock Pathway with granite river rocks and stepping stones between the brick patio and an outdoor kitchen.


In May and June, 2017 the brick patio got a makeover because the wood beams rotted and weeds were growing between the joints.

Removing the rotted wood:

Finding local, reclaimed bricks in great condition:


Starting on the back:

Replacing one side with a line of bricks and a border of river rocks to line the path:DSCN3092Leveling the front side:

DSCN3100Redoing the right side:

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Overall view:

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