Outdoor Projects

At Love Creek Farm, we experiment with alternative building techniques, and we try to use only recycled (or natural) materials.  We are turning shabby into chic one craigslist.org ad at a time.  Slowly but surely, we have adopted a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.  To achieve this, we purchase used and recycled materials through ads, flea markets, garage sales, friends, referrals, etc.

Before a project gets started, we have to take into consideration the value or necessity to the farm, the size and design, materials, location, safety, and maintenance.  A major consideration is the fact that we take something that is already here, and figure out ways to make it better or re-purpose/renovate the existing framework.  We want to design and build with intention as well as try a technique, such as building with pallets, cordwood, and rough sawn redwood.