Organic Garden 2020

August 2020

The garden is flourishing with a variety of perennials, vegetables, and fruit trees. We are excited for a new variety of gremlin gourds from Love Apple Farms as well as their bell peppers and famous heirloom tomatoes.  In winter, one bed was filled in with asparagus crowns, and as they grew, we inter-planted with lettuce and sunflowers.  The pumpkins, watermelon, cucumbers, and squash are growing fast and taking over as we tried to get creative with upright trellises.   After a professional fruit tree trimming in spring, our nectarine produced for the first time (9 years at least), our plum went crazy, and now our peaches have doubled in size.  My little espaliered pear produced two large pears, and another pear was moved so it’s adapting well.  The bees, butterflies, and lady bugs are enjoying the flowers and herbs, especially the lavender and butterfly bushes.

We are also enjoying the benefits of having the infastructure finally done so we can just relax and enjoy the process of maintaining and harvesting.  Every two weeks, I’m spraying a worm castings tea and refilling beds with hay/grass from the horses and chickens. We are also refilling the pathways with wood chips.




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