Yoda Bear

In February 2009, a baby male goat was found on the side of Bear Creek Road in Boulder Creek. We were contacted through a friend that he needed a new home. Yoda Bear was nursed back to health from dehydration and then brought to Love Creek Farm in March. Yoda Bear was the perfect name, and he became the newest baby on the farm.


March 28, 2009 and Yoda Bear is only about one month old

Group Shot

Holding Yoda with Shasta and Snickers.

We were told by his rescuer who took him to a vet that he was a pygmy goat. Well, at six months old, he was still growing.


June 28, 2009 and Yoda is about six months old.

Yoda Bear bonded with Theodora, a female pygmy goat, because as a small baby, he felt the most comfortable by her side. As he got older, he learned how to buck and rub horns with Zipper, testing his strength and seniority.


In February 2011, dogs attacked the goats, killing Zipper and Theodora. Yoda was seriously bitten on his neck and his back legs. We think he was able to survive because he made it to the top of his play structure.


Granite Creek Vet emergency visit the night the dogs attacked. February 2, 2011.

Yoda was taken to the Boulder Creek Goat Farm for care, rehabilitation, and to keep him near other goats. He was traumatized, and in shock, even being away from home (his normal routine) was a stress for him. We tried to visit him every weekend, and he lost weight and needed lot of personal attention to feel secure.

Goat Farm 2:11

February 2011, Yoda at the Boulder Creek Goat Farm recovering from his bites.


May 1, 2011, and only 3 months after the attack. He is sickly and skinny due to the trauma.

At the goat farm, the mother goats were giving birth, and we were able to socialize the newborns. It was at this time that we decided to adopt a male goat so he’d have another companion. We definitely wanted a male goat with horns, and in March 2011, Bantha was born.

Yoda Bear and Bantha learned how to bond, buck, and play together. It was not an easy homecoming for baby Bantha. Yoda was very jealous of any attention given to this new goat. He would chase after Bantha, and we learned that Yoda needed to be the dominant male receiving all the attention. Yoda has food anxiety due to his rescue situation. Bantha also has food anxiety. The first year was very trying.



Bantha and Yoda, January 2012

Yoda is now the only goat on the farm. He is very happy being with the horses for companionship. He bucks and plays with Shasta who shakes his head like a goat. He has gained a lot of weight and now eats all his grain without worrying so much about where Bantha is going.   Yoda was so concerned about Bantha eating his grass, that he ignored his grain. He is now nice and plump. He still tries to sit on my lap for petting, and he loves to get pets from Maddie Tomlin during Shasta’s weekly horse training sessions.


December 2015, and Yoda is almost six years old.


Yoda Bear, January 2017. He wants hugs and kisses!

In 2019, Yoda passed from old age.  He was having seizures and lost use of his hind legs. It was the worst day, but necessary to prevent pain and suffering.  He is buried on the farm, and we miss him tremendously.