WhatChama-Hoozits Grove

Fun art project completed for back of the redwood grove that faces our deck. I can also see it out the kitchen window. I had 3 kid’s bike frames I had wanted to use for the dragonfly gong, and a jeep door I thought about using for the farm fence. These leftovers turned out perfect for this whimsical space.

Friday, November 27, 2020 installed up in the trees. On Saturday, November 28 added the lower pieces, using driftwood as the base.

Repurposed pieces included: bike frames, chains, and wheels, antique chair springs, metal rods from a bunk bed, dried gourds, PVC, cow bones, wine barrel rings, lamp shade metal frame, smoothed black locust wood, and blown glass pieces.

Hard to believe this is what the space looked liked a few months ago: