Snootles found a home at Love Creek Farm.  Snootles, a shy, female feral, showed up around November 2015.  One day, she was in the yard, and my first instinct was to throw her some goat food.  Then, she showed up again and again and never left.

We began the relationship by feeding her cat food at the front door, out of the rain.  We left her alone to relax.  Then, we set out a dog crate with rugs on top for her to sleep on.  She would not go into the crate (due to confinement), but she would lay on top.  In addition, two other feral cats came to the front door, probably because Snootles was female.  The two boys did not stay.

Slowly, Mike started sitting outside with her while she ate and calling for her.  She began to trust him just enough where he was able to put her into a cat carrier and take her to the vet to get spayed.

Snootles now has her own safe space in the guest room where she sleeps on top of a dresser by a window. The door is always left open so she can come and go to eat and sleep. She absolutely adores Mike and rolls on the ground for petting and brushing.  If I come too close, she will run.   I think I’ve been able to pet her twice.

She enjoys coming to the door to peer through the glass and go nose to nose with Wookie and Wicket.  One time, we did bring her inside the house, but Wicket got carried away trying to play with her, and she does not like to be confined.  She likes to sit on the wood pile in front of the house, especially when it rains.  She can look inside the house through the windows.


She is our mouser, but she also kills squirrels, birds, gophers, and moles.  She also bites the tails off lizards. We are more than happy to welcome her on the farm as our barn cat.  We can’t change her natural instinct to hunt.


Snootles 2019

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