Ring Art in the Oaks

On Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at 5pm, a local tree climber and arborist, Shaun, hung my new hanging art installation. I chose a group of oak trees visible out the house window and also visible to anyone driving up the road. Once Shaun climbed up into the trees, he’d drop a climbing rope for me to attach the rings; there are four hanging pieces attached to the trees with chains. I’d point up and describe which notch to chain it to.

Once Wednesday morning, the art popped with color with the rising sun! This group of wine barrel rings does not include any gourds like the other one. This time, I salvaged metal which includes a Drive Slow sign dug up on the hillside, my truck license plates from Oregon, hand saws, vintage couch springs, plates, pans, bike parts, and a dog cage cut into pieces, crystals, wind chimes, and other goodies.