Leaning Locust Trees

On Saturday, January 7, I received a text from the neighbor that a Black Locust tree fell across Love Creek and broke through their fence.

They were concerned that the tree could block the flow of water and back up the creek.  The branches are too thin and wouldn’t cause a problem, we reassured them.

Later in the afternoon, around 3pm, I received another text that they were concerned about the other two leaning locust trees. They believed that one of them could fall and hit their creekside cottage since Sunday was going to be heavy rain and wind.

At 3:30pm, I called tree companies, and Bob Travis of Travis Trees in Boulder Creek was available and working on Saturday in the rain. He came over by 4pm to take a look and assess the situation. He confirmed that both leaning locust trees were going to fall and the one heading towards the cottage needed to be secured.   He said he’d get his gear and come back.

He returned around 5pm, in the rain and in the dark to tie a line around the locust and secure it to a redwood tree. This would keep it from falling and/or falling away from their cottage.  He said when the storm passed, he’d cut off the tops.


Preparing all the climbing gear.  The photo is blurry because of the rain and flash/darkness.

dscn2669Securing the line to a redwood in the dark with a flashlight.

dscn2670Tightening a “wench-like” rig to another redwood at the end of the tie line.

dscn2681Sunday, January 8, what it looks like in the daylight.  The line held overnight and the tree is still standing.


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