River Rock Border

Yesterday, I picked up a 1/2 yard of 3/4″ drainage rock for this weekend.  We will finish the drainage ditch and backfill a new river rock garden border.  The rocks had already been brought up from the creek and used around a different plot.  They are big and heavy, perfect!

First, we filled in the drainage tube with gravel.  The tube runs along the front of the garage, curves around the back of the garage into Love Creek.

Farmhand Will Burke helped me dig out the pathway which was too high and move the rocks into place.


I wanted to secure the river rocks with the gravel because in the past, gophers just dug under and kicked up dirt which seeped through the cracks.  The rocks were eventually covered with soil.  I’m trying to learn from past mistakes and make an extra effort to not have to do things twice.

After the small rock wall was done, Will moved over the clays pipes for me to outline the pathway and garden bed.  I took a break and then dug an outline of where I wanted them to go before placing each one.



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Next step is to dig out more of the dirt, add the cardboard for sheet mulching, and fill in with cedar wood chips.

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2.5 acre permaculture with heritage orchard, organic gardens, redwood forest, and riparian corridor along Love Creek at the base of Ben Lomond mountain, San Lorenzo Valley, Santa Cruz County.
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