Redwood Bark Fence

I got a call on Friday that a friend of a friend was milling a redwood tree and wanted to know if I wanted the mill scraps.  Of course, I said Yes!  I knew I could use the wood to build a new fence part-way around our Cathedral Grove – a 35-tree redwood grove.

On Saturday, I sorted the pile of wood and laid it out to see what I got and how I could use it.  I decided to build the fence with our farmhand Will who helped me build the locust planter beds in the garden.

On Sunday, I deconstructed the old fence that was crap: redwood branches and wire, but it kept out the deer.

IMG_1843IMG_1844It took me two hours to remove the branches from this section, trim the redwood duff and rake it out for a cleaned space.

Will and I took measurements and attached 2x4s between the trees, all free wood.



Last was adding the skinned bark of the redwood tree that was milled – I called them pickets, all different lengths.


I started the process at 10am and stopped at 3pm.  We had two sections that we will finish next weekend.  Then, it’s waiting for more wood before we continue.

I love the look of using redwood bark for a fence around a redwood grove.  The bark matches, and it looks warm and natural.

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