Apple Trees Trimmed

Finally, our largest (Gravensteins) and most unique (Yellow Bellflower) were trimmed back and maintained by a professional tree pruner and climber, Paul.  He was a referral from a guy at our local hardware store who also has fruit trees.  Great find!

First, a Bay tree was removed that was shading the Yellow Bellflower.  The trunk was kept as it stabilizes and supports the apple tree.  A long time ago, cement and a metal rod were placed in the trunk of the Bellflower.  Now, it’s leaning on the hillside.  A few new sprouts are growing up straight, and with more sunlight, we hope it will flourish.

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The two Gravensteins were pruned way back.  Paul climbed them, using a chainsaw, pole chainsaw, pole trimmer, etc. to get at the branches and limbs.  We won’t get a lot of fruit this year, but their health is most important.  Also, each tree has sprouted a replacement so Paul trimmed them up.

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Now, we’ll start clearing the hillside of small bays which cause sudden oak disease. We’ve already lost one big oak to this disease.  More tree work next month to continue with the maintenance.


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