Project Updates – November

We have a lot of little projects going on, and each one gets worked on a bit at a time, letting cement dry for posts, having time, etc. Fortunately the weather has been wonderful unlike the hot summer.

Framed in Redwood Bed: There were enough left over wood chips to fill in this new spot. It’s very exciting to start imaging how I will place the art pieces. We had fun rethinking the space and there is enough room on the drainage side to add another river rock planter bed. Ironically enough, I’m digging out a bed in the garden to build a new composting station, so the rocks from that area can be used here.

Greenhouse Arbor: Last weekend we cemented in the second post for the entrance arbor. Yesterday we added the top 2x6s.

We’ll add 2x2s to the top to match the other side, recycled from the deck railing.

Garden Gate: The old grape stake garden fence cracked and fell apart, so I decided to rebuild it. I built the frame heavy and decided to redo the posts. We had two 6′ redwood 6×6 posts remaining from the retaining wall, perfect to use here. Yesterday we cemented in one post, set it back into the wall to hold back dirt too. I added the old stake pickets to the frame, and it’s ready to attach. Then, we’ll cement in the other post.

Greenhouse Retaining Wall: We finished the last section of the greenhouse retaining wall with 3 redwood posts that were given to use. We did not have plans to do this section until this opportunity came up with the posts. The 2×6 boards were recycled from our deck, and they look great stained. Originally, this area was going to match the redwood bark and locust wood, but that idea changed, and we decided to match the 2×6 wall style behind Bee Haven. It looks great.

Added the 4×4 post to seam the 2 retaining walls together.

Our pile of recycled and random wood pieces that are handy for building. My focus is to use this up before winter rains in 2021. I have plans to build composting bins in the garden. They are recycled from a deck we ripped up.

Little wall with a smoothed redwood mill-scrap for sitting.

Added roofing fabric to the back of the wall. Soon, we’ll get drain rock and can back fill and plant.

Stayed tuned for more progress…

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2.5 acre permaculture with heritage orchard, organic gardens, redwood forest, and riparian corridor along Love Creek at the base of Ben Lomond mountain, San Lorenzo Valley, Santa Cruz County.
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