New Chicken Coop Roof

It’s been awhile since I posted any updates on the new chicken coop. I’m still amazed that recycled wood has been used for the whole build, except the roof. Half of the composite roofing and the underlayment paper were leftovers too. We just need to add a gutter and finish the back section once we tie in the roof for the run space.

Our handyman Wayne came to fix my not so square roof and add the composite. He was able to get it done in a day, Thursday, July 15. After adding fence boards to this back wall, I didn’t like it and framed in for a window. Wayne cut a nice, clean square for the vintage window. I’m painting it orange as well as the front Dutch door.


The wall facing the neighbor’s deck was done first using recycled fence slat boards, tongue and grove. Each piece had to be cut so it took forever. It has a really nice look, and I also did a wall inside as well. I have more boards to use for the other walls to match the wood style a bit.

I got some free old redwood boards which I planed down to use to build a door here.

Inside Wall

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