Redwood Bark Siding – Burnt Redwoods from CZU Fire

Linda and Tom kindly let us salvage redwood bark mill scraps from 31 burnt redwood trees. They are rebuilding their house which was destroyed by the CZU fire in August 2020 so the trees had to come down, and they had all the trees milled.

We met them on two days at the property in Boulder Creek to pick through the piles and chainsaw the 16′ long pieces to fit in the rented Uhaul trailer and truck bed. This bark will be the siding on the “goat” barn that we bought this summer from Jan and Dave. Once it is rebuilt on the farm, I want to introduce the four of them and show them the barn.

About lovecreekfarm

2.5 acre permaculture with heritage orchard, organic gardens, redwood forest, and riparian corridor along Love Creek at the base of Ben Lomond mountain, San Lorenzo Valley, Santa Cruz County.
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