Water Tank Frame – Moving Dirt

After our consultation with Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping, we learned that the frame for the water tank platform has to hold a weight of 4,200 lbs for each tank. The platform has to be 14 ft. long and 7 ft. wide. We decided to dig out the space along the back because going the other direction was all fill and not secure.

Our handyman Rich built the frame and retaining wall using 6×6 pressure treated posts and 2×12 boards. We were told we could do a 6″ deep frame, but Rich opted for 12″ which doubled the base rock.

Being that the frame was 14 ft. long, I could not get a 2x12x14 ft. board. I got a 2x12x16, and then came up with the idea to dig more out for a longer retaining wall. Our farmhand Will graciously came over at 8:30am on Thursday morning to dig it out rather than wasting the wood and cutting off 2 ft.

Rich and Will worked together on Thursday to get the frame and retaining wall ready for base rock.

I planned ahead and ordered 4 yards of base rock. If I had to drive my truck to get it, it would have taken me 8 loads. Our neighbor kindly let us drop the load on his back road so we can wheelbarrow it down the hill. Will is going to get started on filling the frame.

Despite almost 10″ inches of rain this December, we missed the boat on catching that rain water. I’m glad we had the consultation to learn more and do it right. It’s not okay to place the water tank directly on the ground because rocks on the bottom can puncture the plastic. It’s worth the effort in the long term to take it slow and do it right.

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