Leaning Locust on Power Lines

We have had a small black locust tree leaning over the road ever so slowly.  For years, we did not think the tree was on our property.  We decided to take care of it regardless because it was finally leaning on the power lines, and the storms were persisting.  On Sunday, February 19, while getting an estimate on other trees, I asked Richard from Richard’s Trees to look at it. He said he could not cut it down because it was touching the power line.  I immediately called PG&E’s emergency line, and they sent out a technician in less than an hour.  He went up and started cutting away the small branches with a pole saw. He then sawed off a big limb.  THANK YOU PG&E!!


Branches hanging on the power line.



Sawing off a big branch.


Branches trimmed off and now ready to be cut down.

On Sunday night, I contacted our friend and tree expert, Steve Leibenberg to see if he could come out the next day to cut down the tree. The weather report predicted 10″ of rain and winds up to 25-40 mph.  The tree could fall over and block the road for the neighbors.

Steve came out on Monday, February 20 at 10:45 am in the pouring rain. The tree was cut down and cut into manageable pieces to move off the road. I plan to use the wood for garden boarders.  THANKS STEVE!!


Steve Leibenberg cutting down the locust.


Tree down and moved off the road.

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