Retaining Wall Done!!

The Compost Bunker Retaining Wall was finished today!  It feels awesome to accomplish this project. I remember 2 years ago getting a couple of quotes to build this wall and the cement block retaining wall in the garden.  The cost was very expensive so having the knowledge from taking landscape design/construction courses, with the help from farmhand Will Burke, made the projects come to life.

Yesterday, August 16 was super hot.  Will and I were able to haul gravel for about 1 hour.  I bought 6 yards of river gravel so I really wanted to use it up and not fill with a bunch of dirt.  I cut more roofing paper and attached it to the upper boards so that all the wood was protected, from bottom to top.

IMG_2517Today, I recruited Mike to haul the rest of the pile (9 wheel barrows), and he got it done. The weather was cool and overcast so he made great progress.

IMG_2529Once all the gravel was added, I folded over the filter fabric to keep the soil out of the drainage.  I left the weed barrier.

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The big pile of dirt that was piled up on the hill was leveled out.  We are now going to replant rosemary from another area that needs to be moved. It’ll be great in this space.


The space is now ready to compost horse manure!

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