Hundreds of Apples

Today was an apple washing day.  I had asked the local brew shop, assistant manager about soaking the apples in bleach, and he looked at me like I was crazy.  My brother said I should have used a sterilizer to remove the wild yeast and bacteria. We’ll just see what happens!  I soaked the apples in water for awhile, scrubbed with a brush, and let air dry completely.


Since I have 6 gallon carboys, I researched that it takes 42 apples to press for 1 gallon of juice.  I counted these as I bagged them up, 386 Pippins so I have enough to use these apples for one batch.  I plan to use the Cider Yeast.


In the hot afternoon, the Bonnet-Clohan clan came over to help me by picking the Gravensteins.  Two heritage trees are super tall. Unfortunately, more ended up on the ground and bird/squirrel eaten than picked.  Next year, we’ll get to them sooner.

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They were able to pick a wheelbarrow full, and now they are soaking overnight.


All the apples are picked.  I’ll count the Golden Delicious and Gravensteins tomorrow to measure the batches.  I’m hoping for three 5/6 gallon batches:

  • Hauer Pippin – Cider Yeast
  • Gravenstein – Champagn Yest
  • Combo (H.P., Gravenstein, Golden Delicious) – Wine Yeast

We are heat pasteurizing rather than using Campden tablets to kill the wild yeast.

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