Hard Cider Update

Log of Activities:

Monday, September 2: Made the Hard Apple Cider

Wednesday, September 4: Added yeast nutrient (1 teaspoon per gallon)

Saturday, September 7: Took gravity readings

  • Champagne Yeast = 1.000, starting 1.050, 6.5% alcohol
  • Cider/Mead Yeast = 1.002, starting 1.040, 5% alcohol

Sunday, September 8: Took gravity readings again to make sure fermentation ended.

  • Champagne Yeast = 1.000
  • Cider/Mead Yeast = 1.000

Added A13 Biofine clear (clearing agent).  Will check again to see if a second dose is needed.

To Do:

Thursday, September 12: Add Xylitol (sweetener).  Recommended 3-9 tablespoons per gallon.  We are aiming for a low amount to not over-sweeten. The champagne yeast cider is dry, and we’ll keep it less sweet.

Also on Thursday, we will set up our bottling station and move the carboys in place to let the yeast settle. We are not racking per my brother’s recommendation to prevent as much oxygen contamination as possible.

Sunday, September 15: Bottle and make another 6 gallons of cider with apple juice from a store using the wine yeast.


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