Another Mud Grid from Lighthoof

The first Lighthoof Mud Management Grid turned out really well.  To read more about this installation read: Corral Mud Management Grid PanelsDSCN4738

At the end of August, farmhand Will Burke dug out the next area for a second 6×12 grid.  The mesh grid actually stretches to 8′ x 12′ 10 inches.


On Saturday, September 14, three yards of base rock were delivered by Central Home Supply in Santa Cruz.


Today, we were ready to roll to get it done.  I bought 1 10′ and 1 12′ pressured treated 4×4, but Scarborough didn’t have a 14′ 4×4 so I had to get 2 16′ 2x4s (pressure treated) and marry them together.  It all worked out to build the frame.  The landscape fabric had already been laid out with the first grid so we just unrolled it.

I had an extra piece of mesh grid from where I had cut it around the deck, so we were able to use that piece and zip tie the panels together and screw into the frame.

It took all three yards of gravel compacted with water to fill in the second grid.


Of course, as soon as the horses were let back into the corral, Shasta had to check it out.  He got all frisky, I’m sure he knows it’ll be a better winter without walking through mud!

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