Propane Tank Art: Ice Cooler Bench

For over a year, I’ve been searching for a propane tank that could be cut up to fit as a cover for my outdoor kitchen stove.  Every time I find something, it’s too small.  So, when welder, Jordan Booth texted that he had a tank, I said, “Bring it over, great,”  Well, it turns out that this tank wasn’t big enough as a cover, but he brought it because he thought I’d want another one.  I turned into the #propanequeen!

I was a bit frustrated that this tank was going to be left here, but as I thought about it, I told him to turn it into a bench.

IMG_3426I could see the potential of cutting out the middle part, and it’s small with legs. Jordan took it back to his shop and worked on it really quick, adding his own unique spin on it.

We had our first apple cider tasting party in December, 2019 and made Love Creek Farm hard cider.  After giving a few bottles to Jordan, he knew what he could add to this bench seat to fit our vibe: cup holders and a door to put ice inside of it, an ice chest!  All that wasted space could be functional and this will never rust. I requested some holes in the bottom for the melted ice to drain out.


After the welding, Jordan sprayed a quick coat of white primer to keep it from rusting. Now, once it stops raining, I’m going to paint a mural on it, possibly an apple branch and blossom motif.  I also will add cushions.

I’m so happy that this all worked out.  It’s fun to work with another creative artist who has vision and perspective on making rustic objects unique.  I’m still on the hunt for an even bigger propane tank that will protect my outdoor stove!

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