Tearing down the Goat Barn – New Pony, New Home

We are very excited that we have adopted a new family member, a little pony from the North Texas Feed Lot. She had one day to be saved before being shipped to a slaughter house.

The pony will be picked up in Texas on November 12, and I will pick her up in Fresno. She is underweight and need lots of love and care.

In the meantime, I am tearing apart the Goat Barn which has only be used in the past few years to store random things, like doors and windows (for the Art Studio) and wood. Upon tearing apart the old wood and pallets, it’s definitely visible that moisture has rotted so much with termites and lots of old goat and rat poop. A couple of rat nests with a rat scurrying out and a mummified rat. Glad we are tearing this down to build over again with a nice corrugated metal roof instead of leaking tarps. I’m even thinking about using the recycled redwood 2×6 for a floor for the art studio. It is so rewarding to repurpose things.

We’ll keep plugging away on ripping this apart. Once things are cleaned up, I am measuring the space with the option of building our barn here, rather than up on the second level. It seems practical to use the barn pieces here, and mix and match pieces of it. I would not use the roof trusses here because I want the roof sloped with all drainage going into the swale. We also do not have to make the barn 21 feet long. The pony needs to be locked up at night from mountain lions so this might be the best solution.

Originally, on Monday and Tuesday, November 1 and 2, the barn was going to be built by 2 licensed contractors. We cancelled the build, and good thing, as rain is coming tomorrow. Also, whenever we delay, change plans, and rethink projects, new and better ideas are presented. I’ve learned not to be too disappointed when plans are changed and delayed because it tends to work out better in the long run.

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