Tearing down the Goat Barn

The Pallet Goat Barn is coming down. It was a fun building when we had our goats, and over the years, it became storage. When the floor started to sag, it was obvious that it needed to come down. We have our craigslist find/barn sitting in the redwood grove, so after much consideration, we can put it in this space.

I started taking apart the front of the barn, then the left side, right side, and back.

All I have left to take apart is the roof. I need to remove the back 4x4s which are rigged and barely holding up the roof. I have to dig out the cement too. I love the look of the old wood planks on the roof, so I hope they can be saved.

The front of the corral is a mess with wood to recycle, painted wood to dump, and pressure treated wood. I want to wait until the roof comes down before doing dump runs. I’ve already done one dump run for the sides, a lot of pallets and rotten wood. I can’t wait for a clean and clear space.

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