Goat Barn Roof – Gone!

Today, we worked on the layout of the space and depth of the railroad ties which the barn pieces will sit on. We’ll work again on Saturday and hopefully get one side in. We have to work through obstacles, such as the electrical panel and the big cement blobs for the telephone poles. It’s easier to rent a jackhammer to get out the cement than remove the electrical panel, so we’ll see what happens.

In order to get the roof down, I carefully and nervously chainsawed each 4×4 in the back. That brought the roof down on one side.

Now, what? I had hoped to save all the long boards, and managed to get one off.

It was impossible to get the boards off, so I cut them in half. I cut each tress off the boards.

Next, I cut the cross piece supporting the front of the roof and fortunately fell backwards. It made it much easier to cut the trusses and salvage the boards.

When I shook the telephone poll, the cement blog rocked. I decided to cut them down and good thing, one was rotted in the middle. Now, we’ll see if we completely remove them with a jackhammer.

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