Sunny Weather, Garden Design

The weather this December has been very sunny so a lot of work is getting done.  We just finished the cement block retaining wall.  Now, we can do other garden projects.  On Tuesday, a leaning black locust was cut down.  I asked that they leave long branches and limbs so I could use them for the garden beds.

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There is enough wood to do another planter bed, plus the wood chips for the pathways.

The dirt was dug out and it’ll be back-filled into the bed after the wood is screwed together and the wire added.


For the bed, two locust pieces were cut at 9 feet and two pieces were cut at 88 inches for a rectangle.  A few pieces have to be trimmed at the edges, too long.


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2.5 acre permaculture with heritage orchard, organic gardens, redwood forest, and riparian corridor along Love Creek at the base of Ben Lomond mountain, San Lorenzo Valley, Santa Cruz County.
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