Animal Treats

On my grocery list were some goodies for the animals, some required and some treats.  It’s a hot day and figured the animals would be happy to have an unexpected sugar snack.


Yesterday, the vet was out for a concerned call I had.  Yoda is 9 years old and had blood shot eyes and a wobbly walk.  Whenever an animal behavior is “off” the vet will come out.  Yoda is fine overall, a vitamin shot and dewormer as precautionary measures.  I haven’t been giving him baking soda in awhile so with additional grain, he needs something to regulate acid.  In additional to  a salt/mineral lick, he’s getting SweetLix salt too.  I plan to buy cracked corn and much more to fatten him up.  My excellent vet said that any goat that lives past 10 years old is a bonus. I want Yoda Bear to live a long, happy life.


The horses (Snickers and Shasta) also got to enjoy carrots, and it was fun enticing them over for a cute photo-op. Normally, they do not get fed by hand, everything goes in their buckets.

The chickens got a big watermelon – so refreshing on a hot day:

DSCN4150And last but not least, sugar water for the bees.  I change out the sugar water every other day for the hives, the bees are sucking it up this summer. I premake the sugar water so it’s ready to go and very convenient.  I have 14 quart jars and lids filled up.

I guess now I can get my treat, the animals always come first….


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