Deconstructing, Reusing, Redwood Lumber

I’m on the email list for Wholehouse Building Supply and received an update that the home of the former head of the Business Dept. at Stanford was being demolished. I checked out the images online and noticed two arbors with big redwood beams, 3x8x15. Also mentioned was other redwood deck wood and pressure treated wood stairs.

I decided it was worth demo-ing the arbors with the help of my friend’s son in order to get the wood to build the new chicken coop. With the expensive cost of lumber at the store, this was a steal of a deal.

In order to get off the four 3x8x15 beams, the guys had to remove 64 2x2s. I also wanted the larger cross beams, but they were rotted.

While the guys took apart the arbors, I went around and removed 2×6 redwood boards, many were rotted around the garden and pool area. One deck/stairway had good wood, painted, and it took me so long to remove because it was nailed and painted over.

The guys finished up, loaded the truck, and I asked if they could get the pressure treated 6x6x10 beams used as stairs. It took them no time at all to get them out using the right tool. There were two more sets of stairs with smaller beams, but everyone was tired and ready to go.

It’s great to be able to recycle and reuse materials to keep them out of the landfill and fulfill our mission as a Permaculture-focused farm. I am tempted to go back for the pressure treated stairway 6x6s and some other redwood from the pool house, but we’ll see. Paul will be at the house through the month of June.

I look forward to sharing the progress of the chicken coop build using recycled lumber, doors, and windows.

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