Horse Stall Barn Door

Another project to upgrade the space is rebuilding the door that opens to the new trail. The old stall door was stuck closed due to piles of dirt, and it was ugly and rotten on the bottom.

Coming out of this back door was a drainage ditch. We had a 10′ long, 10″ wide drain tube left from another project we used here. It worked out perfectly for the horses to walk over. We will add gravel too to keep mud from tracking in.

Once the door was cut off, the opening size was reframed because it did not have to be so large. I added two 2x4s on either side, raised the bottom, and added a 2×6 for a slider rail. The new barn door will be hung on wheels and slide open/closed.

For the barn door, I bought 2 pieces of 5/8″ plywood. The redwood 1x is milled from my friends and very inexpensive. I coated the wood with linseed oil to help preserve it. Now, I have to finish the trim on the other side, and we’ll hang on Saturday.

I’ve talked myself into building a smaller 4′ wide door with the extra plywood to match this one rather than buying a metal farm gate. I guess I always like projects. It’s definitely more moist in the mornings, but warms to 80 degrees in the sun. Time is still good to paint, but the weather will change quickly.

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