Cutting Trees (Live Oak & Gravensteins)

All of a sudden, on the same day at the same time, two Gravenstein apple trees lost limbs.


Fortunately, I had already asked my friend Lisa to come over and cut down a leaning Live Oak that I wanted removed.  My intentions were to put the new Greenhouse in this area, and the tree was already leaning over the Redwood Greenhouse.

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Lisa came over on Friday, August 2 and helped clear the hillside.


Once the one Live Oak was removed, it really opened up the area to sun. It was very exciting to see the change.  She recommended a few more leaning oaks be removed as well as a taller oak trimmed up.

As a result of the sun exposure, I am deciding to use this hillside space to plant the grafted heirloom apple trees.  I probably will not put the new Greenhouse in this area which would end up blocking view of the trees.

There is a lot of work to do in this space, such as trimming more trees, clearing out the periwinkle, installing retaining walls (probably made with the oak trunks) and leveling a walking path.


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